Is Your Man Sleeping Around

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Is your man sleeping around?

Alex Archer

Have you ever wondered if your man is having an affair? Short of actually confronting him about it, there are a number of signs to watch out for. Although the following does not guarantee that he is, in fact, cheating, it does provide some clues.

One of the signs of infidelity is that his stories seem suspicious. Does he tell elaborate tales about why he was late getting home from work? Do these excuses not quite make sense? If so, consider what this might mean.

And although it's always nice to get gifts from your husband, if he's been buying you a lot of nice things genuine michael kors handbags lately and it seems out of character, watch out. He may be buying you all these things because he's guilty of sleeping around.

What if your husband starts picking fights with you more than usual? This is a warning sign that could have two explanations. He could be picking fights to deal with the guilt of his infidelity. Alternatively, it could be an excuse to storm off and head for his lover's place.

If your husband starts primping himself like a teenage girl all of a sudden, ironing his clothes or dabbing himself with cologne, this could michael kors outlet be another indication that he's prettying himself up not for you, but for a secret lady friend.

"Where did all our quality time together go?" If you find yourself asking that question, it may be because your husband is spending more quality time with his mistress than with you. A lack of physical or emotional intimacy is a sign that your husband is cheating.

Remember, this is not a comprehensive guide. The important thing to remember is to trust your own inner feelings. Are you suspicious of your husband because he's been engaging in behavior indicative of an affair or are you so insecure that you see the signs in the most innocuous things?

If he is, in fact, cheating, remember that healing after an affair is possible. For most couples recovery is possible and the marriage can become better than it ever was. Take a long look at what you've put into your relationship before you decide to leave. And regardless of the outcome for your relationship, make sure to thoroughly address your feelings about the betrayal or the hurt will resurface in the future and cause more problems..